Dermaplaning - 1hr, $175


Dermaplaning is a favorite facial of ours!! This facial focuses on removing the buildup of dead skin on the face while also removing unwanted peach fuzz/fine hair. Men aren’t the only ones who can get rid of facial hair! By removing this build-up, your pores can "breathe" better, and your skin will more easily absorb products.

Our esthetician will use a sterile, medical-grade blade to gently slough off this unwanted layer, immediately revealing fresh, glowing skin. Dermaplaning treatments will exfoliate and decongest your skin, increase cell turnover, minimize breakouts, and allow for smoother makeup application and better product penetration.

Dermaplaning - Our Process

At Elevation Massage and Spa, we begin our dermaplaning facial with a double cleanse, steam exfoliation, and extractions to remove blackheads. After extractions, we treat the area with a soothing facial toner and a 15-minute lymphatic drainage facial massage. Manual lymphatic drainage helps detox the face, aka, drain any excess fluid and de-puff, leaving beautifully sculpted cheeks. 

We will then sanitize the face and apply a special cleansing oil to give the skin some nutrients and aid in glide. The dermaplaning process will then begin. It is completely painless and only takes about 5-10 minutes. We will then remove the oil and apply a cooling mask to tighten the pores and calm the face. An arm and hand massage will be done while your mask nourishes your face, topped with a serum and moisturizer. All our luxurious facial treatments are finished with a relaxing scalp massage.

Dermaplaning - Taking It to the Next Level

If you want to elevate your facial to another level, we recommend adding our 20-minute LED red light treatment. This red-light treatment helps to kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote collagen production, and reduce inflammation. If you should desire, a hand mask to enhance hydration or an added lip treatment to exfoliate and plump the lips goes a long way, too!! 

Things to note after a dermaplaning facial: You mustn't pick at your skin, and try to avoid touching your face or partaking in excess rubbing. Because your skin will be so open and fresh, it will easily get irritated. A MUST is cleansing your makeup brushes with warm soap and water and giving them a spritz with rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria lingering on them; we also recommend avoiding makeup the day of the dermaplaning facial – you won’t need any of it anyway, not with the way you’ll be glowing! 

**You can also add dermaplaning onto any of our other facials for $50

*** All dermaplaning treatments are pregnancy-safe; some contraindications apply.


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