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2024 Elevation Massage & Spa Update!

Hi Friends, it's 2024 and with this new year, marks a new anniversary for me; 15 years of practicing massage therapy, and being a healer! In honor of this 15 year anniversary, I am raising my individual pricing by $15, please read on for more details.
biorepeel before and after

BioRePeel: Before and After

Alright, whether you are familiar with/or have had a TCA chemical peel treatment or not, there’s a game-changer out there in terms of rejuvenating solutions that we’re beyond thrilled about. Yes, we’re talking about BioRePeel non-invasive aesthetic treatments!
what is skin exfoliation

What Is Skin Exfoliation?

Does skin exfoliation mean I must rub a coral sponge on my face until it’s raw? Does it mean I must plaster my face night and day with creams so I don’t get blackheads the size of dimes!? What is skin exfoliation!? I’m confused!
can acne scars go away?

Can Acne Scars Go Away?

Not everyone will experience acne or acne scarring, and acne scarring is a generalized term encompassing different skin-altering conditions that can happen to anyone upon reaching puberty and beyond. Hormonal acne in adulthood causes some of the worst acne scarring and is pretty common in women.
biorepeel before and after

Welcome to Elevation Massage and Spa

Now offering the highly sought after BioRePeel - book now and enjoy specials on treatment packages for the entire month of November!