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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Hello friends, I know many of you have often wondered about Deep Tissue Massage and what sets it apart from Swedish or Sports Massage. Let’s discuss this, shall we? 

Deep tissue massage implements a deeper more prolonged pressure than Swedish massage; in Swedish massage, you tend to experience “feather light pressure” and more of a floating technique, or as I like to call it – heavy petting and nap time. While Deep Tissue Massage techniques incorporate a medium-firm-deep pressure with longer hold times on the muscle and trigger point work, this usually translates to that “hurts so good” pain. Deep tissue massage is typically relaxing and effective; it works out knots, tension, and tight spots, improves circulation, and is my favorite type of massage! It lives in the realm between Swedish Massage and Sports Massage, aka massage heaven. 

The Techniques/Strategy/Philosophy

What do “longer hold times on the muscle” accomplish? By using prolonged muscle holding techniques and deeper direct pressure, we facilitate a release of tension (commonly referred to as “knots”) in the muscle. These muscle releases often will feel like a spasm – but not a painful spasm; rather, it’s called a protective spasm, as they can produce a twitching sensation or a wave-like/ripple across the muscle belly. Protective spasms help the muscle reset itself, release tension and get the sarcomere (the unit in the muscle that helps it contract and release) to be operational again. 

Many of you may be familiar with terms like “Trigger Point Therapy” or “Neuromuscular Therapy” These techniques are commonly used in deep tissue massages and are synonymous with longer hold time on the muscle; the idea is to get the muscle firing/working again to prevent further tension and reduce the likelihood of pain and suffering. 

In short, this massage treats chronic musculoskeletal problems such as soreness, pain, and muscle fatigue. It also aids with the repair of musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances, thus, helping your body recover and heal itself while putting a little pep back in your step! Furthermore, deep tissue massage aids with anxiety, sleep disorders, and general stress – how? Because taking time to care for yourself does wonders. 

If you think you haven’t done anything to “earn” a massage, think again! Whether you’re a gym king/queen, a desk jockey, or a full-time parent (especially if you’re a full-time parent – at Elevation Massage & Spa, pets count as children too.) You name it; EVERYONE deserves to treat themselves and their body to some much-needed self-care and repair time. 

You wouldn’t drive your car without filling the gas tank or changing the oil, would you? If you said yes to either of those – we should talk, or I’ll give you my mechanic's number, and you can talk to him. 

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