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Let’s take it back to the basics of advanced facial treatments; sometimes, the explanations and descriptions for these amazing minimally invasive treatments are so overflowing with details that you can miss out on how simple and amazing they are! Chemical peels are one of the most effective treatments you can do for anti-aging and skin health, and this is by far one of our favorite advanced aesthetic treatments at Elevation Massage and Spa.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are exfoliants; exfoliants remove dead skin and slough away buildup on the dermis. There are two types of chemical peels, with all peels falling under one of two categories: AHAs and BHAs. Both are acronyms for long, difficult-to-pronounce words ending in “acids.”

AHAs work on the skin’s surface (the skin you see daily, a.k.a. your beautiful face!) The other category, BHAs, works the skin surface and penetrates deeper into your pores and the other dermis layers. If you’re unfamiliar with pores, imagine the tiny openings where you excrete sweat, get blackheads or have hairs coming out. Fun fact: we each have about 20,000 pores on the face alone! If you have oily skin or acne, peels containing BHAs will be for you. If you have dry or combination skin, starting with an AHA peel will be the safer choice as it’s gentler on the skin and won’t dry you out even more. Sometimes, we can mix AHAs and BHAs to give your skin some good TLC. We are all about customizing treatments based on your needs and skin type.

Chemical Peel - What to Expect?

When the peel is applied, it usually tingles on the face. That tingling sensation means that the exfoliation process is happening, and grime and gunk-like blackheads are being destroyed. The day of the peel and a few days post-peel, your skin may feel a little tight; you can also expect your skin to flake slightly or have some dry patches. Some people describe a “frosting” look, which is common in the 5-7 days post-peel; this is normal and to be expected, so do not be alarmed, and don’t pick or try to peel the skin off. Another thing to expect post-peel is that you may have a few blackheads or pimples pop up as your skin is detoxing and purging; things are being pushed to the surface. Try not to pick at them; it’s going to be okay.

How Do You Decide Which Chemical Peel Is Right For You?

First of all, we offer various aesthetic facial services here at Elevation Massage and Spa, which means that if you’re new to chemical peels, we have all aspects covered for you! 

  • Our Signature Peel, often called a level one peel, can be done monthly and is great for reducing acne scarring and formulation. There is no recovery time, so you can leave your facial and go about your day. 

  • We recently brought on the BioRePeel, one of the most amazing new peels to hit the market; this is our all-time favorite peel, and the anti-aging results are incredible! 

  • Our Deluxe Chemical Peel is more advanced; advanced peels are the type that are done 1-2x a year and not in summer; this peel is more aggressive and will leave you molting for about 7-10 days. 

What To Do Post-Peel?

After your peel, you can expect your skin to feel tight and dry. Try not to touch your face too much, avoid sun exposure, avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours, and reapply SPF and moisturizer throughout the day; you can also spritz with water or a facial spray as needed. It’s not uncommon to be a bit red/rosy-hued after a peel. Your skin can also feel warm to the touch throughout the day as the acids are still doing their work. It's best to avoid sweating/aggressive workouts for 24 hours post-peel. 

Hopefully, all that info leaves you feeling more informed/confident about facial peels and why you should absolutely get one! We hope you continue to choose us to be your facial and massage providers - Book your appointment today!


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