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Advanced Massage, Sports and Wellness Rehab

What We Do

Get ready for Elevation Massage & Bodywork to be your body’s new obsession! Our team members each have over 10 years experience in the massage field, with extensive training in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. 

Our mission is to keep you healthy, moving, and living a pain free life! Whether you have excessive tension from that office job, are a professional or competitive athlete, have a passion for fitness, or are just getting back into the swing of things, we have got you covered! Each session is tailored to your specific needs from relaxation to rehab, self-care is our game, because you are worth it!

CBD Massage 

The use of CBD infused oils and topical analgesics in a massage is a great way to elevate your session! You can learn more about the benefits of CBD and  the brand we use, Charlotte's Web, here: https://www.charlottesweb.com

CBD products can be added to services for $10.

Rehab/Sport Massage

Our sports massages focus on muscle and joint rehabilitation, postural analysis and a wellness plan to get you back to 100%. These sessions incorporate cupping, Gua Sha, range of motion, and other muscle specific techniques to help you thrive.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A great way to work out knots, decrease stress points, and improve circulation. The result? You feeling refreshed and healthy. Our deep tissue massages incorporate Swedish massage techniques with neuromuscular, and trigger point therapy to help release tight knots, break down scar tissue and improve circulation.

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Pre and Post Natal Massage

Mommies to be need lots of extra love! Let us help that pain in your lower back, the stiffness in your hips, the pressure in the ribs, the aching feet and the over-all feeling of 'that hurts now too?' We have got you girl!!

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TMJ Massage 

Our TMJ & Migraine/headache reduction sessions focus exclusively on the muscles of the head, face and neck. Anyone who clenches or grinds their teeth knows the increased pain, and decreased chewing abilities that come from a locked up TMJ! These sessions reduce pain, tension and help restore mobility to the joint. If you are experiencing acute pain in the jaw a weekly 30 minute session might be just what you need! Check out our prepaid series to find what suits you best! 

Hot Stone Massage 

Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate relaxing massage, the use of the heated stones helps decrease muscle and joint pain, while increasing circulation and lymph flow.. 

Cellulite Reduction Massage

Offered in either 30 or 60 minute sessions, for best results, we recommend buying a package and doing a session 1-2x a week. Cellulite reduction massage increases circulation, breaks down fat deposits, circulates lymphatic flow and increases lymphatic drainage, thus helping to decrease the appearance of cellulite*. Extra bonus - it gives you a confidence boost and a "you go girl" glow!

*Individual results may vary.

*See prices page* 

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