Elevation Massage & Bodywork

Advanced Massage, Sports and Wellness Rehab

A note from our Found​er

We have all had a massage that leaves us wanting more, a massage that feels like ‘why did I just waste my time on that?’ We have all heard the words ‘your muscles are so tight, you should come back once a week!’ To which we reply (internally of course, because we are polite) “WHY? For subpar heavy petting?” - or is that just me? My mission at Elevation Massage & Bodywork is to eradicate all of the above! Time is our/your most valuable resource, we only have a finite amount of it, and you should never feel that the time you have spent INVESTING in YOURSELF and your extremely valuable self-care is a waste!

I have built my practice, and my team, to reflect the massage experience that I think you will most enjoy. That translates to: client-centered bodywork, listening to your needs, tailoring each session to focus on your primary stress/pain points. All while cultivating a treatment plan that gets you back to being on top of your game! If we tell you to come back once a week, it will not be a waste of your time! I have built my team of therapists around that goal, each member of our team has at minimum 10 years of experience in the massage field, and specializes in deep tissue and sports massage. Trust me when I say that everyone here brings their A-game!​

Our bodies are ever changing, ever expanding, always evolving. I have discovered that with healthy bodywork, and healing touch we will continue to expand and evolve at a higher, healthier, Elevated level…welcome to: Elevation Massage & Bodywork! We look forward to assisting you on your elevation, self-care, self-love, self-appreciation and self-healing journey.